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Changing Room Policy


For the safeguarding of children, the Company have written the following procedures following consultation and guidance with Swim England.

Please be aware that the changing rooms are group changing rooms and consist of a female group changing room and a male group changing room. There is no public use during our hire periods of the pool and its changing facilities.

The following paragraph is taken from the Swim England Changing Room Policy:

Parents should not be in the changing room while their swimmers are changing unless the swimmer is of an age where help is required from parents, or the swimmer requires additional specific assistance. This is generally at an age that is stipulated by the pool hirer, usually 7 or 8 years of age. In such circumstances, the parent must be the same gender as the child, unless the facility has family changing facilities or is a “mixed changing village”.

At Mill Hill School of Swimming, we are aware that this is not always feasible and often there are Mothers that bring their sons and Fathers that bring their daughters. Our policy is that the sex of the changing room that should be used when a child needs help getting changed is of the same sex as the parent/adult that is helping.

For example, a mother helping her son should be using the female changing rooms and a dad helping their daughter should be using the male changing room.

For the safeguarding of children, we also recommend that children do not get changed on the poolside in front of others.

Safe & Fair Usage

Cubicle Usage

  • No Reservations: Changing cubicles are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Users are not allowed to reserve a cubicle for themselves or others at any time. Please ensure that once you have finished using a cubicle, all belongings are removed so somebody can else can use it.
  • Occupancy: A cubicle is considered occupied only when it is in active use by a person. Leaving personal belongings in a cubicle does not constitute a reservation.

Personal Belongings

  • Non-Reservation: Leaving clothes, bags, or other items in a cubicle does not reserve the cubicle. Other users are free to use the cubicle once it is vacated.
  • Respect for Property: Users are strictly prohibited from touching or moving others’ belongings. If items are left behind, please notify staff for proper handling.

Fair Use

  • Timely Use: Users are encouraged to be considerate of others by using cubicles efficiently and vacating them promptly when finished.
  • Sharing Space: During peak times, please be mindful of others waiting and minimize the time spent in the cubicle.


Compliance: All users are expected to comply with this policy. Non-compliance may result in a warning or further action, including temporary suspension of facility privileges and cancellation of bookings without a refund.

We appreciate your cooperation in maintaining a respectful and orderly changing room environment for everyone. Thank you for your understanding and compliance with this policy.

Contact Information

For any questions or concerns regarding this policy, please contact the facility manager at the front desk or:

Email –

WhatsApp (Message or Call) – 07597169162